Looking for digital makerspace ideas for your group? Here you’ll find some resources to help you and your youth group get started with some digital making and and creating. Here you can download our resource sheets as well as find useful insights  from the Digital Makerspaces Learning Community on how to set up, run and resource a digital makerpsace.

Power up your Makerspace with Micro:bits

Discover how to incorporate Micro:bits into your youth work.  Easy introduction and activity ideas to try with your group.


Download our PDF resource and get started: Power up your Makerspace with MicroBits

Makerspace competitions

Competitions are a great way to motivate your group into trying something new.

Find out about CyberFirst Girls and four other great competitions that could inspire your youth group. Solve the world’s problems, explore STEM,  and learn new skills along the way. Download our PDF resource and get competing: Makerspace Competitions

Empowering Creators

Use technology for good to empower young people to become creators and develop skills for the future

makerspace resource sheets

Download the pdf for ideas about how to help your group become creative: Empowering Creators

These resources were created by Tanya Howden on behalf of the YouthLink Scotland Digital makerspaces Learning Community, supported by Education Scotland’s Enhancing Professional Learning in STEM Grants Programme through the Scottish Government STEM Education and Training Strategy.

Crown Copyright.

Create your own digital games

Tinderbox Lab provide a range of digital activities for young people and adults,  including opportunities for young people to create their ow digital games.  Find out more from Luci Holland as she shares about some of the projects they have run with young people.

Makecode Arcade

Kelly Gardner, Digital Skills educator at the Innovation Centre, Heart of Midlothian Football talks about how to get started building digital games with young people using Makecode Arcade. This digital youth work activity is ideal for digital makerspaces, coding clubs and tech groups of every sort.

How to set up a digital makerspace

Darran Gillan, Digital Lead at YMCA Scotland pioneered exciting digital youth work at YMCA Paisley, setting up their digital makerspace. The project has been co-created with local young people whose views and needs have shaped and led the activities, with extremely positive results. The Paisley Makerspace is an award winning local project which provides an exciting model for others to emulate. Darran’s work is now leading to other digital development across YMCA Scotland and he will share some of the journey with us.

Join the Digital Makerspaces Learning Community

Our small group of interested practitioners is currently meeting approximately monthly for sessions that include input from members and others with relevant insight and practice to share.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact Hilary phillips at YouthLink Scotland hphillips@youthlinkscotland.org.