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About digital youth work

Digital youth work includes supporting young people with their online lives, helping them develop their digital literacy and cyber resilience.  It can mean introducing digital activities as part of face-to-face youth work. It can also mean youth work taking place in online settings.

We hope this collection of materials is useful to you.

Why this?

The hub is full of useful resources about digital youth work, all gathered together in one
place, including upcoming events, training and policy guidance.

Why now?

We have been interested in digital youth work since around 2010 and we know it’s a topic
that’s of long term interest and relevance, so we’re investing in the future. We have a close
connection with and have worked closely with our partners in Europe
to develop many of the resources.

When the COVID-19 lockdown began, the level of interest in digital youth work suddenly
shot through the roof. We started gathering together and sharing resources that we
thought would be useful to the youth work sector, especially at a time when so much youth
work was happening online. This website is the result.

Now, with that experience under our belts, we are in a phase where online and face-to-face are happening together. The pace of change only seems to increase and we will continue to add to the resources here.

Who’s it for?

You, if you are involved in digital youth work in Scotland!

Who’s involved?

The Digital Youth Work Hub was created by YouthLink Scotland with support from key

Got resources to share?

If you have or know of a resource which you think would benefit the digital youth work
sector in Scotland, please get in touch


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The small print

We’ve done everything we can to ensure that the material that we are sharing is useful,
relevant and up to day. However, as we are mostly acting as a hub, pointing to content that
belongs to others, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the content that sits on other