Kobi Cooke of Youth Scotland shares information for youth workers on using Zoom.

This is a recording of a short Webinar session, first shared live in April 2020.

Making Zoom engaging

Kobi shares about how he was completely new to delivering youth work in an online setting using Zoom.

He quickly discovered the power of interactive activities to avoid the challenges of death by PowerPoint.

Using scalable questions (e.g. get young people to vote higher or lower) has really worked as a technique to start a conversation and get people involved in thinking around a particular topic.


Kobi goes on to explain some of the key things to think about to ensure that both youth workers and young people stay safe in the new digital settings they find themselves in.

Some of the important principles he covers are that what we do online should be consistent with what we do face-to-face, following your organisations guidance on how you use mobile phones, and what is appropriate in terms of one-to-one connection with young people.

Changing situations such as working from home and working online mean it’s essential to think through child protection type issues and make sure that you are applying guidelines in the right way.

Getting comfortable using Zoom

Kobi suggests taking time to make sure you know your way around Zoom, before using it with young people.  A few specific things to think about when working with young people would be:

  • to look at the settings to ensure that only you can screen share
  • disable private chat to eliminate opportunities for bullying
  • avoid using your personal meeting ID, in order to keep that secure – instead set up a unique ID for each meeting
  • require a pass word

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